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To our users Please note that the HCV database site is no longer funded. We try to keep the database updated and the tools running, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we can provide help for using this site. Data won't be manually curated either.


Synchronize Alignments

Purpose: This tool aligns two alignments to each other. It can also synchronize a single alignment with a standard HCV reference alignment.

Details: If there is a sequence that is common to both alignments, you can specify that the tool should use this sequence as a reference. If the two alignments do not share a common sequence, the tool chooses the longest sequence from each alignment as references, then aligns them to each another. The tool then adjusts the two submitted alignments to agree with the aligned reference by inserting appropriate gaps. See an explanation and example.

Note: this tool may change the order of the reference sequences. Also, all lower case symbols in the sequences will be changed to upper case, all gap characters will be converted to '-', and uneven sequences will be padded with '-' characters to equalize their lengths.

First alignment file
Second alignment file
OR check here to synchronize first alignment to the HCV reference alignment
Gap characters
Squeeze gaps from input
Reference sequence selection Automatic Manual
Trim alignments to region of overlap

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