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To our users Please note that the HCV database site is no longer funded. We try to keep the database updated and the tools running, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we can provide help for using this site. Data won't be manually curated either.

PhyML Interface

Purpose: To provide an interface to PhyML, a fast and flexible program that generates good maximum likelihood trees. See PhyML 3.0 for information about PhyML; see PhyML Explanation for information about this web interface.

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Substitution Model
Sequence type/Model Nucleotides      Amino acids 
Equilibrium frequencies Empirical    Estimated using Maximum likelihood(nt) or Model(aa)
Transition/Transversion ratio
(nt only)
(positive number; leave empty to estimate from data)
Proportion of invariable sites (0.0-1.0 ; leave empty to estimate from data)
Gamma shape parameter (positive number; leave empty to estimate from data)
# of substitution rate categories (positive integer)
Tree Searching
Starting tree(s) BioNJ
User tree (in Newick format)
Tree optimization
Tree improvement
Branch Support Approximate Likelihood Ratio Test (aLRT)  
Bootstrap    # of replicates
Outgroup Specify outgroup
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