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To our users Please note that the HCV database site is no longer funded. We try to keep the database updated and the tools running, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we can provide help for using this site. Data won't be manually curated either.

Start coordinates, based on H77 (accession NC_004102), from Fields' Virology. Structures of 3'UTR (based on Kolykhalov 1996) and 5'UTR (Honda 1996 ) adapted from a figure provided by Stuart Ray. Other features based on Major & Feinstone, 1997 and You et al, 2004.

About protein F/ARFP (the alternate reading frame protein): This protein is currently defined in the database as starting 4 nucleotides after the start of Core, and continuing for 201 codons (603 nucleotides). This length is based on the longest ORF for this protein that is currently present in the database, plus the stop codon (this protein is found in genotype 6e). For other genotypes the protein will be shorter, sometimes much shorter. In the future we will store the location of the stop codon for this protein separately for each sequence, so they can be automatically trimmed to the correct length. We will publish a news items when this is done.

About the Okamoto region: This region is very often sequenced, but many authors do not sequence the entire ~300 nt. If you select this region from the menu and your browser has Javascript enabled, the option to include fragments longer than 200nt will automatically be checked. It can be manually unchecked if desired. If you do not have Javascript enabled, you can select this option manually.

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