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The funding for the HCV database project has stopped, and this website and the HCV immunology database are no longer maintained. The site will stay up, but problems will not be fixed. The database was last updated in September 2007. The HIV immunology website contains the same tools, and may be usable for non-HCV-specific analyses. For new epitope information, users of this database can try the Immuno Epitope Database (http://www.immuneepitope.org). More information is here.

CTL Epitope Summary

Download CTL epitope summary.

This is a list of all HCV CTL epitopes mapped to within a region of 21 amino acids or less. The protein, H77 location, host species and HLA restriction elements of CTL epitopes are provided. Identical entries are shown only once. The epitope sequence is a link to the database which will provide details of all epitopes containing that sequence.

Epitope Protein H77 Location Species HLA
MSTNPKPQK Core 1-9 human A11
MSTNPKPQK Core 1-9 A11
STNPKPQK Core 2-9 human A11
STNPKPQK Core 2-9 A11
STNPKPQKK Core 2-10 human A11
GQIVGGVYL Core 28-36 B60
GVYLLPRRGPRLGVR Core 33-47 human  
YLLPRRGPRL Core 35-44 human A2
YLLPTTGPRL Core 35-44 human A2
YLLPRRGPRL Core 35-44 chimpanzee A2
YLLPRRGPRL Core 35-44 A2
YLLPSRGPKL Core 35-44 A2
YLLPRRGPRL Core 35-44 transgenic mouse A2.1
LLPRRGPRL Core 36-44 human A2
GPRLGVRAT Core 41-49 human  
GPRLGVRAT Core 41-49 human B7
GPRLGVRAT Core 41-49 chimpanzee B7
GPRLGVRAT Core 41-49 B7
GPRLGFRAT Core 41-49 human B7
RLGVRATRK Core 43-51 human A3
RLGVRATRK Core 43-51 A3
KTSERSQPR Core 51-59 human A3
KTSERSQPR Core 51-59 A3
PLYGNEGCGWAGWLL Core 84-98 human  
NEGLGWAGW Core 88-96 human B44
NEGCGWAGW Core 88-96 human B44
NEGCGWMGW Core 88-96 B44
NEGCGWMGW Core 88-96 human B44
GLGWVGWLL Core 90-98 A2
ADLMGYIPLV Core 111-119 human A2
DPRRRSRNL Core 111-119 human B7
DPRRRSRNL Core 111-119 chimpanzee B7
DPRRRSRNL Core 111-119 B7
TLCGFADLMGY Core 125-136 chimpanzee A1
TLCGFADLMGY Core 125-136 chimpanzee Patr-A*0601
GFADLMGYIPLVGAP Core 129-143 human  
FADLMGYIPL Core 130-139 chimpanzee Patr-B*0401
ADLMGYIPL Core 131-139 chimpanzee A2
GNLPGCSFSI Core 131-139 chimpanzee A2
ADLMGYIPLV Core 131-140 human A2
ADLMGYIPLV Core 131-140 A2
DLMGYIPLV Core 132-140 human A2
DLMGYIPLV Core 132-140 human, transgenic mouse A2
DLMGYIPLV Core 132-140 A2
ALMGYIPLV Core 132-140 A2
DLMGYIPAV Core 132-140 A2
DLMGYIPLV Core 132-140 human, transgenic mouse A2.1
DLMGYIPLV Core 132-140 transgenic mouse A2.1
RVLEDGVNYA Core 156-165 A2
LPGCSFSIF Core 169-177 B7
LPGCSFSIF Core 169-177 human B7
FLLALLSCL Core 177-185 A2
LLALLSCLTV Core 178-187 human A*0201
LLALLSCLTV Core 178-187 human A2
LLALLSCLTV Core 178-187 A2
LLALLSCLTI Core 178-187 A2
CPNSSIVY E1 207-214 human B35
ILHTPGCV E1 220-227 human, transgenic mouse A2
ILHTPGCV E1 220-227 A2
ILHTPGCV E1 220-227 human A2
IMHTPGCV E1 220-227 transgenic mouse A2.1
NASRCWVAM E1 234-242 human B35
NASRCWVAM E1 234-242 chimpanzee B35
NASRCWVAM E1 234-242 B35
NASRCWVAM E1 234-242 chimpanzee Patr-B*1301
DGKLPATQL E1 250-258 chimpanzee Patr-B*0501
QLRRHIDLLV E1 257-266 human A2
QLRRHIDLLV E1 257-266 A2
AIRRHVDLLV E1 257-266 A2
QLRRIDLLV E1 257-266 human A2
TIRRHVDLLV E1 257-266 transgenic mouse A2.1
VFLVSQLFTF E1 284-293 human  
FLVSQLFTF E1 285-293 A2
QLFTFSPRR E1 289-297 human A3
QLFTFSPRR E1 289-297 A3
CSIYPGHITG E1 306-315 chimpanzee Patr-A*0402
SIYPGHITGH E1 307-316 human  
HVSGHRMAWDMMMNWA E1 312-327 mouse  
SGHRMAWDM E1 314-322 mouse  
WDMMMNWSPTAALVV E1 320-334 human  
MMMNWSPTT E1 322-330 human  
LVMAQLLRI E1 332-340 human A2
SMVGNWAKV E1 363-371 human, transgenic mouse A2
SMVGNWAKV E1 363-371 A2
SMVGNWAKV E1 363-371 human A2
SMVGNWAKV E1 363-371 transgenic mouse A2.1
SMVGNWAKVL E1 363-372 human A2
GNWAKVLVLVVL E1 366-377 chimpanzee Patr-C*0601
SLASLFTQGA E2 398-407 A2
SLLAPGAKQNV E2 401-411 human, transgenic mouse A2
SLLAPGAKQNV E2 401-411 human A2
SGPSQKIQLVN E2 405-415 mouse H2-Dd
CRPLTDFDQGW E2 459-469 human B53
RPLTDFDQGW E2 460-469 B53
DFAQGWGPISYANGS E2 464-478 human  
YPPKPCGI E2 489-496 human B51
YPPKPCGI E2 489-496 B51
VPASQVCGPVY E2 497-507 B35
GTTDKSGAPT E2 517-526 human  
TTDKSGAPTYSWGE E2 518-531 human  
GENDTDVFVL E2 530-539 human B60
GENDTDVFVL E2 530-539 B60
VFVLNNTRPPLGNWF E2 536-550 human  
NTRPPLGNWF E2 541-550 human B57
TRPPLGNWF E2 542-550 chimpanzee Patr-B13
NWFGCTWMNS E2 548-557 mouse H2-Kd
GGPPCDIGGV E2 565-574 mouse H2-Dd
CVIGGAGNNT E2 569-578 human B50
CVIGGAGNNT E2 569-578 B50
KHPDATYSR E2 588-596 chimpanzee Patr-A*0401
HYSYRLWHY E2 610-618 human  
DYPYRLWHY E2 610-618 human Cw7
YRLWHYPCTI E2 613-622 human Cw7
RLWHYPCTV E2 614-622 human  
RLWHYPCTV E2 614-622 A2
RLWHYPCTI E2 614-622 transgenic mouse A2.1
TINYTIFK E2 621-628 human A11
TINYTIFK E2 621-628 A11
TINYTIFKI E2 621-629 chimpanzee Patr-B*2001
RMYVGGVEHR E2 630-639 human A3
RMYVGGVEHR E2 630-639 chimpanzee A3
RMYVGGVEHR E2 630-639 A3
RMYVGGVEHR E2 630-639 chimpanzee Patr-A*0501
RCDLEDRDRSELSPL E2 651-665 chimpanzee Patr-A*0601
LEDRDRSEL E2 654-662 human B60
LEDRDRSEL E2 654-662 B60
ALSTGLIHL E2 684-692 A2
ALSTGLIHL E2 684-692 transgenic mouse A2.1
WAIKWEYVVLLFLLL E2 712-726 human  
EYVLLLFLL E2 717-725 human A*2402
LLFLLLADA E2 721-729 A2
FLLLADARV E2 723-731 A2
FLLLADARV E2 723-731 transgenic mouse A2.1
FFCFAWYLKGRWVPG p7 771-785 human  
RWVPGAVYAFY p7 781-791 chimpanzee Patr-A*0601
KWVPGAVYTFYG p7 781-792 chimpanzee Patr-A*0601
FYGMWPLL p7 790-797 human Cw7
FYGMWPLLL p7 790-798 human A29
LYGVWPLLL p7 790-798 human Cw*0801?
MALTLSPY NS2 827-834 human A29
MALTLSPY NS2 827-834 A29
LSPYYKRYIS NS2 831-840 A25
LSPYYKRYIS NS2 831-840 human A25
LSPYYKRYISW NS2 831-841 human A25
YISWCLWW NS2 838-845 A23
YISWCLWWL NS2 838-846 human A23
YISWCLWWL NS2 838-846 A23
LTRVEAQLHVWVPPL NS2 850-864 human  
HPALVFDITK NS2 881-890 human  
PYFVRAQGLI NS2 910-919 human Cw*0303
PYFVRAQGLI NS2 910-919 human Cw*0304
TYVYDHLTPL NS2 947-956 human B*4002
TYVYDHLTPL NS2 947-956 human B*4006
TPLRDWAHNGLRDLA NS2 954-968 human  
RDWAHNSL NS2 957-964 human  
RDWAHNGL NS2 957-964 human B37
RDWAHNGL NS2 957-964 B37
INGLPVSARRGREIL NS2 997-1011 chimpanzee Patr-A*0402
INGLPVSARRGQEILL NS2 997-1012 human  
LLGPADGMVSK NS2 1011-1021 chimpanzee Patr-A0101
AYSQQTRGL NS3 1031-1039 human A24
AYSQQTRGL NS3 1031-1039 A24
GLLGCIITSL NS3 1038-1047 human, transgenic mouse A2.1
VEGEVQIVSTAAQTF ? NS3 1055-1069 human  
QTFLATCINGVCWTV NS3 1067-1081 human  
CINGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 human  
KLVALGINAV NS3 1073-1081 human  
CINGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 human A2
CVNGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 human A2
CVNGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 chimpanzee A2
CINGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 A2
CVNGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 A2
CVVGVCWTA NS3 1073-1081 A2
CINGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 transgenic mouse A2
SVNGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 A2
CINGVWCTV NS3 1073-1081 human A2
CVNGVCWTV NS3 1073-1081 transgenic mouse A2.1
AGTRTIASPKGPVIQM NS3 1085-1100 human  
TRTIASPKGPVIQMY ? NS3 1087-1101 human  
MYTNVDQD NS3 1100-1107 A24
DLVGWPAPQGSRSLT ? NS3 1107-1121 human  
CTCGSSDLY NS3 1123-1131 chimpanzee A1
CTCGSSDLY NS3 1123-1131 chimpanzee Patr-A*0901
YLVTRHADV NS3 1131-1139 A2
RRRGDSRGSLLSPRP NS3 1143-1157 human  
LLCPAGHAV NS3 1169-1177 human A2
LLCPAGHAV NS3 1169-1177 A2
LLCPSGHVV NS3 1169-1177 A2
LLCPAGHAV NS3 1169-1177 transgenic mouse A2
LLCPSGHVV NS3 1169-1177 transgenic mouse A2.1
HAVGLFRAA NS3 1175-1183 human A68
AYAAQGYKVL NS3 1243-1252 human Cw*0303
AYAAQGYKVL NS3 1243-1252 human Cw*0304
ATLGFGAYM NS3 1260-1268 transgenic mouse A2.1
TLGFGAYMSK NS3 1261-1270 human A11
LGFGAYMSK NS3 1262-1270 human A3
GAYMSKAHGV NS3 1265-1274 human A11
TITTGAPVTYSTYGK NS3 1284-1298 human A2
TGSPITYSTY NS3 1287-1296 human A2
TGAPVTYSTY NS3 1287-1296 human A2
TGAPVTYSTY NS3 1287-1296 A2
TYSTYGKFL NS3 1292-1300 human A*2402
LADGGCSGGAY NS3 1300-1310 chimpanzee A1
CHAQDATTVL NS3 1318-1327 human B38
VPHPNIEEV NS3 1357-1365 chimpanzee Patr-B13
HPNIEEVAL NS3 1359-1367 human  
HPNIEEVAL NS3 1359-1367 human B*3501
HPNIEEVAL NS3 1359-1367 B35
HPNIEEVAL NS3 1359-1367 human B35
GEIPFYGKAI NS3 1371-1380 human  
IPFYGKAI NS3 1373-1380 chimpanzee B7
FYGKAIPIEAI NS3 1375-1385 human  
LEVIKGGRHLIFCHSK NS3 1382-1397 human  
LIFCHSKKK NS3 1391-1399 human A3
LIFCHSKKK NS3 1391-1399 chimpanzee A3
LIFCHSKKK NS3 1391-1399 A3
LIFCHSKKKCDELAA ? NS3 1391-1405 human  
HSKKKCDEL NS3 1395-1403 human  
ATDALMTGY NS3 1395-1403 human  
HSKRKCDEL NS3 1395-1403 human  
HSKKKCDEL NS3 1395-1403 human B8
HSKKKCDEL NS3 1395-1403 B8
ELAAKLVAL NS3 1402-1410 human B8
ELAAKLVGL NS3 1402-1410 B8
LAAKLVALGINAVAY ? NS3 1403-1417 human  
LAAKLVALGINAVAY NS3 1403-1417 human  
KLVALGINAV NS3 1406-1415 human A2
KLVALGINAV NS3 1406-1415 chimpanzee A2
KLVALGINAV NS3 1406-1415 A2
KLSGLGINAV NS3 1406-1415 A2
KLVSLGVNAV NS3 1406-1415 A2
KLSGLGLNAV NS3 1406-1415 A2
KLVALGVNAV NS3 1406-1415 A2
KLVALGINAV NS3 1406-1415 transgenic mouse A2
KLTGLGLNAV NS3 1406-1415 transgenic mouse A2.1
GDVVVVSTDALMTGY NS3 1430-1444 human  
DVVVVATDALMTGYT ? NS3 1431-1445 human  
ATDALMTCY NS3 1436-1444 human A1
ATDALMTGY NS3 1436-1444 human A1
ALMTGYTGDFDSVI NS3 1439-1452 human  
GFTGDFDSV NS3 1443-1451 human A*0206
YTGDFGSVI NS3 1444-1452 chimpanzee Patr-B*0101
FTGDFDSVI NS3 1444-1452 chimpanzee Patr-B01
GDFDSVIDC NS3 1446-1454 chimpanzee Patr-B*1601
MFDSSVLCECYDAGC NS3 1511-1525 human  
TPAETTVRL NS3 1531-1539 B35
YLVAYQATV NS3 1585-1593 A2
YLVAYQATV NS3 1585-1593 transgenic mouse A2.1
CLIRLKPTLHGPTPLLYR NS3 1610-1627 human  
DPRRRSRNL NS3 1610-1627 human  
LIRLKPTL NS3 1611-1618 human B8
LIRLKPTL NS3 1611-1618 B8
TLHGPTPLL NS3 1617-1625 transgenic mouse A2.1
GAVQNEITL NS3 1629-1637 chimpanzee Patr-B*1701
VQNEITLTH NS3 1631-1639 chimpanzee Patr-A*0101
VTLTHPITK NS3 1635-1643 chimpanzee A3
TLTHPITK NS3 1636-1643 human A11
TLTHPVTK NS3 1636-1643 human A11
TLTHPVTK NS3 1636-1643 A11
STWVLVGGVLAALAA NS4a 1658-1672 human  
VLVGGVLAA NS4a 1661-1669 A2
VLAALAAYCL NS4a 1666-1675 human A2
VLAALAAYCL NS4a 1666-1675 A2
IPDREVLY NS4a 1695-1702 human B35
EVIAPAVQTNW NS4b 1744-1754 human  
EVIAPAVQTNW NS4b 1744-1754 A25
VIAPAVQTNW NS4b 1745-1754 human A24
ETFWAKHMW NS4b 1758-1766 human A25
ETFWAKHMW NS4b 1758-1766 A25
GVAGALVAFK NS4b 1758-1766 A3
VAGALVAFK NS4b 1758-1766 A3
AFWAKHMWNF NS4b 1759-1768 human  
FWAKHMWNF NS4b 1760-1768 human A*2402
HMWNFISGI NS4b 1764-1772 A2
HMWNFITGI NS4b 1764-1772 transgenic mouse A2.1
SLMAFTAAV NS4b 1789-1797 human A2
SLMAFTAAV NS4b 1789-1797 A2
SLMAFTASI NS4b 1789-1797 transgenic mouse A2.1
LTTSQTLLF NS4b 1801-1809 human B57
LLFNILGGWV NS4b 1807-1816 human A2
LLFNILGGWV NS4b 1807-1816 chimpanzee A2
LLFNILGGWV NS4b 1807-1816 A2
VFFNILGGWV NS4b 1807-1816 A2
ILAGYGAGV NS4b 1851-1859 human A2
ILAGYGAGV NS4b 1851-1859 A2
ILAGYGAGV NS4b 1851-1859 transgenic mouse A2.1
GVAGALVAFK NS4b 1858-1867 human A3
GVAGALVAFK NS4b 1858-1867 chimpanzee A3
VAGALVAFK NS4b 1859-1867 human A3
VAGALVAFK NS4b 1859-1867 chimpanzee A3
WMNRLIAFA NS4b 1915-1923 A2
DAAARVTAIL NS4b 1939-1948 chimpanzee Patr-B*1701
AARVTAIL NS4b 1941-1948 human  
AARVTAIL NS4b 1941-1948 B38
QWISSECTTPC NS4b 1962-1972 chimpanzee Patr-A*0901
SECCTPCSGSW NS4b 1966-1972 human B37
SECTTPCSGSW NS4b 1966-1976 human B37
SECTTPCSGSW NS4b 1966-1976 B37
VLSDFKTWL NS5a 1987-1995 human A2
VLDSFKTWL NS5a 1987-1995 A2
VLDSFKTWL NS5a 1987-1995 human A2
SDFKTWLKA NS5a 1989-1997 chimpanzee Patr-B*1601
DFKTWLQSKL NS5a 1990-1999 human  
LPKLPGVPF NS5a 2000-2008 B35
MWSGTFPINAY NS5a 2055-2065 chimpanzee Patr-A*06
MWSGTFPINAY NS5a 2055-2065 chimpanzee Patr-A*0601
LLREEVSFRV NS5a 2140-2149 human A2
LLREEVSFRV NS5a 2140-2149 A2
HEYPVGSQL NS5a 2152-2160 human B60
HEYPVGSQL NS5a 2152-2160 B60
HEYPVGSQL NS5a 2152-2160 mouse H-2k
PCEPEPDVAVL NS5a 2161-2171 human B35
PCEPEPDVAVL NS5a 2161-2171 B35
EPEPDVAVL NS5a 2163-2171 B35
EPEPDVAVL NS5a 2163-2171 human B35
LTDPSHITA NS5a 2175-2183 chimpanzee A1
SVASSSASQLSA NS5a 2197-2208 human  
QLSAPSLKATCTANH NS5a 2205-2219 human  
NHDSPDAEL NS5a 2218-2226 human B38
NHDSPDAEL NS5a 2218-2226 B38
SPDAELIEANL NS5a 2221-2231 human A2
SPDAELIEANL NS5a 2221-2231 A2
SPDADLIEANL NS5a 2221-2231 transgenic mouse A2.1
ELIEANLLW NS5a 2225-2233 human A25
ELIEANLLW NS5a 2225-2233 A25
ILDSFDPLV NS5a 2252-2260 human A2
ILDSFDPLV NS5a 2252-2260 A2
ILDSFDPLR NS5a 2252-2260 transgenic mouse A2.1
LDSFDPLVA NS5a 2253-2261 chimpanzee Patr-B*0401
REISVPAEIL NS5a 2266-2275 human B60
REISVPAEIL NS5a 2266-2275 B60
KFPPALPIW NS5a 2280-2288 human A*2402
MSYSWTGALVTPCAAE NS5b 2422-2437 mouse  
VYSTTSRSASL NS5b 2457-2467 human  
GSLTPPHSAK NS5b 2509-2518 chimpanzee Patr-A*0301
SLTPPHSAK NS5b 2510-2518 human A3
SLTPPHSAK NS5b 2510-2518 A3
SVWKDLLEDNVTPIDTTMA NS5b 2541-2560 chimpanzee Patr-A*0401
QPEKGGRKPA NS5b 2568-2577 human B55
RLIVFPDLGV NS5b 2578-2587 A2
RLIVFPDLGV NS5b 2578-2587 human A2
RLIVFPDLGV NS5b 2578-2587 transgenic mouse A2.1
RVCEKMALY NS5b 2588-2596 human A3
RVCEKMALY NS5b 2588-2596 A3
MALYDVVSKLPLAVM NS5b 2593-2607 human  
ALYDVVTKL NS5b 2594-2602 human A2
ALYDVVTKL NS5b 2594-2602 A2
ALYDVVSTL NS5b 2594-2602 transgenic mouse A2.1
KSKKTPMGF NS5b 2629-2637 human B57
KSKKTPMGF NS5b 2629-2637 B57
KSKKTPMGFSYDTRC NS5b 2629-2643 human  
CDLDPQARVAI NS5b 2663-2673 chimpanzee Patr-B*2401
GLQDCTMLV NS5b 2727-2735 human A2
GLQDCTMLV NS5b 2727-2735 chimpanzee A2
GLQDCTMLV NS5b 2727-2735 A2
KLQDCTMLV NS5b 2727-2735 transgenic mouse A2.1
HDGAGKRVY NS5b 2794-2802 human A3
HDGAGKRVY NS5b 2794-2802 A3
HDGAGKRVYYL NS5b 2794-2804 human B38
HDGAGKRVYYL NS5b 2794-2804 B38
TARKTPVNSW NS5b 2819-2828 human A25
TARHTPVNSW NS5b 2819-2828 A25
TARHTPVNSW NS5b 2819-2828 human A25
RMILMTHFF NS5b 2842-2850 human A*2402
CYSIEPLDL NS5b 2871-2879 human A*2402
LSAFSLHSY NS5b 2889-2897 chimpanzee A1
SLHSYSPGEINRVAA NS5b 2893-2907 human  
SPGEINRVAA NS5b 2898-2907 human B55
LGVPPLRAWR NS5b 2912-2921 human B57
VGIYLLPNR NS5b 3003-3011 human A31
VGIYLLPNR NS5b 3003-3011 A31
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